Whisk me to France...

The second series for this shoot was a French inspired theme! I went with soft textures but bold statement pieces! I love the lace detailing and beret, which complements the essence of life in Paris! I would not turn down the offer to escape for a walk through time in this magical European city...

So enjoy the beautiful images below with my take of how you should portray your fabulous sense of style.

LB shoot 2 series.jpg

At it Again..

This was a super simple but elegant shoot. This is one of my first just beauty photoshoots and focusing on accessories to add that perfect styling mix. Loved the classic look "Tiffany per say" added with some edge and a shot outdoors with some perfect pieces from "The Perfect Pair" in Green Hills! Loved every look and really enjoyed the Team!

Laurel B.jpg
Laurel B 2.jpg

*Below photos: Polka Dot Blouse and Pink Shorts only items from The Perfect Pair

MOOD Creates A Great Inspiration...

This shoot was all about creating a feel and a cloudy state of mind. Cool vibes and edgy looks was the goal. So fun working with Kink Ador. Styling this shoot was very different and I enjoyed getting to know the musicians and listening to their music to get the perfect disposition for the overall ambience! Check out the images below. Let me know how it makes you feel?

Kink ador blog post.jpg

Some of My Styling Favorites

Here is just a glimpse into some of my favorite projects I have styled.....  

Musician, Nora Jane Struthers, a beautiful girl with pose and sophistication, was a joy to work with. We went with a balance between simple and elegance for wardrobe. 

The Nashville Scene Fashion Issue is always fun to style! Playing with bold colors and structures was the theme and staying on trend is a must!

The last photo features The Henningsens. This was a really fun project joining with CMT/Southern Living for their Music City's Greatest Eats. Who doesn't love food, fashion, and learning what the celebrities's favorite recipes are?


Some Of My Styling Favorites.jpg