“Being comfortable in what you wear changes your confidence level”

-Priya Mani


Priya Mani is a Stylist, currently based in Nashville, TN, with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design. Her desire for styling led her to London, where she studied at American Inter-Continental University, broadening her portfolio with styling and fashion production training. 

She has always had a great eye for the simple and sophisticated approach adding a little edge. Her passion for creative direction and style started at a young age growing up in a small Tennessee town. She passed her time, basking in fashion magazines and reconstructing her clothing in her room. Thus, learning the importance in telling a story through a style spread creating wearable art. 

An Indian heritage and extensive travel abroad experience has branched her style globally, while staying true to her Nashville roots. A strong visual merchandising background, and vast knowledge working in high-end retail, coupled with a dynamic portfolio makes her a stylist always in demand. 

“Your style does not define you it represents you”

-Priya Mani

Photographers: Adrian Hitt, Ashley Hylbert, Brett Warren, Chuck Arlund, David Bean, Eric England, Gina Binkley, Jim McGuire, Jon Morgan, Jude Ferrara, Kevin Kazlauskas, Kristy Belcher, Laurel Black, Lesley Call, Matt Blair, Matt Read, Marisa Mlynarek, Michelle Stone, Ryan Long, Ryan Sweeney